@> What is gTsumeshogi Paradiseh?

Tsume Shogi paradise (affectionately known by its readers as gTsume-Parah) is a monthly magazine devoted to shogi mating problems established in 1950.
We publish more than 60 Shogi mating problems (Tsume Shogi) every month and challenge our readers to submit solutions.
Most of the problems, solutions, evaluations and discussions on our publication are submitted by our readers.
Tsume Shogi Paradise owes its long history of success to involvement of our active readers.

This site introduces Internet viewers to the paper publication. Also we have two original contents on this site. One is the monthly Tsume-shogi problem with prize. The other one is a collection of simpler tsume problems that is updated daily (gTry everyday!h)
You can enjoy those two contents on this page.

/̌܋l/ Monthly problem. The prizes will be a shout-out on the answer page!
You can send a solution to the problem that is shown on our top page (Updated at the beginning of each month)
...Response Form (English ver.)
...The answer of last month's problem

/Try everyday!/ The Site host will add his original 3 to 7 move tsume problem each day.
The problem on the top is the latest problem. You may click the problem image to reveal the solution to each problem for the older problems.
...Try everyday!

If you are interested in subscribing to gTsumeshogi Paradiseh monthly, please contact the site admin, Mr. Sudo (d-sudo@ga2.son-net.ne.jp)